It’s kind of a long story how this all started, but it began with my new fish. A month ago I got a new fish–his name is Jimmi. He is named after Jimi Hendrix (because his song happened to be playing in the car on the way home from Petsmart), but I spell it with […]

Even in the summer, my evil feminist agenda takes no vacations. To further spread my menacing ways, this August, I ran a camp for young girls to teach self-love, happiness, and healthy relationship habits. The idea began at the end of last year. I was talking to Courtney Dunning about the patterns of insecurities that […]

I am a worrier and a dweller. To me, there are always ‘what ifs’ to stress out about. This isn’t something I voluntarily do, it just kind of happens–recently even more so, as Prom is just around the corner. I must be super stressed out about Prom because for the past 3 weeks I have been worrying unconsciously. Yeah. […]

This year my New Year’s Resolution was to capture a second-long video everyday to remember/watch later on. So far, I have been sort of successful. The problem is, when I find myself in an interesting situation, I forget to record it. When I am doing something totally uninteresting like sitting watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” I remember–and my life […]

Never in my life have I possessed a quiet voice. For as long as I can remember–and I’m sure before that–my parents have consistently told me that I can do anything, be anyone, and stand for anything I believe in. Especially my Dad. I have memories that have been around so long, the only thing […]

This weekend I found a loophole in the social hierarchy of high school at the Doubletree Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. It was at this hotel that the 66th annual Ohio Junior Classics League (OJCL) Latin Convention was held for Latin students from all 4 corners of Ohio. You’re probably thinking that everyone in Mariemont Latin […]

Recently I found out that for the last 11 years, my family has been sitting on a potential gold mine. And no, I’m not ok. I guess I should begin by telling you what is going on in the photo above and why it has anything to do with fame and gold. So, here’s the […]