I would like to take a moment to give a personal shout-out to the me 5-7 months ago who was brought to tears by the idea of going off to college and leaving high school behind. Not sure what she was thinking, but I guess I can appreciate the sentimentality? Maybe?

All of high school, I was told by students who went before me to savor every moment I had in our ramshackle building because it would all be over before I knew it. When I became a senior, I inherited their job as the village elder with wise advice–or rather–this advice.

I’m supposed to say “It goes by so fast! Enjoy it! You’ll be so sad to leave!” But, that would make me a big, fat liar and I am not in the mood to be tattled on. To be perfectly honest with you, high school could not have possibly gone by slower, and the day I get to leave this place behind could not possibly come sooner.

The 4 years of high school have a knack of feeling like 6 eternities in a row for countless reasons. The biggest reason, however, is definitely the lack of change that occurs despite YEARS of opportunity for growth. Outrageously stupid drama that we all believe to only happen freshman year is not only 100% just as likely to occur amongst 18 year olds senior year, but is 2000% more likely to be more in your face, and more annoying to deal with.

Not to mention, I’m over it. Are we really still surprised that if you publicly slander someone it will eventually get back to them? Are we still convinced our opinions about other people matter? And theirs of us matter, too? Really?  Are you sure? 

At this point, I see dealing with high school every day as the teenage equivalent of my 8-year-old self forcing gross vegetables in my mouth to appease my mom at dinner. I might as well hold my nose and squint my eyes the entirety of my school day. Yuck.

I know it’s time to go. If you couldn’t already tell, I know this for a multitude of reasons. It comes on slowly, but before you know it, getting out becomes all you can think about.

The students ahead of me continue to give their wise advice, and of course, it’s all “enjoy senior year because college is worse!”

I definitely wonder about this a lot. Because I know it can’t possibly get any worse than this.


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