March 9, 2017

My friend Garrett

This Saturday I get to hang out with someone I haven’t seen in 4 years but has somehow remained one of my closest friends in high school. His name is Garrett Stephens.


8th grade lmao

I don’t really remember exactly how we became friends, but it definitely happened in our 7th grade Language Arts class. I was intrigued by his weird obsession with Lady Gaga (which lives on to this day), and we mutually bonded over our ~~totally random~~ sense of humor.

Our brush with fame was our Rose Bush and Hube video (100 views omggggg!!!)  we created for our LA class that we actually received an F on and had to completely re-do. Looking back, I have no idea what educational value in that assignment was. Check it out if you want to see how annoying I was in 7th grade:

Anyways, the summer after 8th grade, Garrett had to move to Boswell, Oklahoma. I know. What even is Oklahoma?

I was devastated. Don’t even get me started on Garrett. I mean, try to imagine the difference between Mariemont and a town in the middle of Oklahoma. Yeah…


Routine FaceTime ft. Garrett’s charcoal mask+hair clip

When high school started, our lives started growing apart as we started to lose touch and then briefly interact throughout most of freshman and sophomore year. No matter what, though, we always found our way back–and we always talked like no time had passed at all since our last conversation.

Since the end of junior year up until this point, Garrett and I talk every single day. It’s not even a real day if we don’t talk, to be honest. Our lives are so different but we share so many of the same beliefs and personality traits, we literally have endless things to discuss with each other.

NOW, after FOUR YEARS, Garrett is taking a bus (YES, an ACTUAL BUS) to Cincinnati and staying for an entire week. It’s unreal, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited.

Lucky for all of you journalism people, I’m bringing him with me to school so you can actually meet this strange person I’m talking about!!!

We have several elaborate plans: Skyline, riding bikes, seeing the musical, beer cheese, watching Garrett encounter people he has heard me talk about for 4 years, and playing ghosts in the graveyard.



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  1. He looks exactly like someone in my grade omg…. He sounds awesome thought! Can’t wait to meet him



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