After 3 years of high school, you really get used to a morning routine:

-wake up

-scream internally

-do hair for just long enough to have no time to eat breakfast

-sit in traffic for 20 minutes and nearly die trying to get to my parking spot

-sprint by Dr. Renner before he can comment on my consistent tardiness

Charming, right?

Well, for my last year I decided to shake it up a bit. Not because I don’t love a good old almost-get-in-a-car-accident-every-morning-wake-up-call, but because I felt an AP science class calling my name.

Turns out, the voice that was calling belongs to Sue Savage, and it was nothing special, either–yelling is just how she communicates.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Every morning I drive to Indian Hill High School to attend first bell AP Chemistry, starting at 8 am (8 am!!!). I awkwardly park in whatever space is open in the faculty lot and blend into the crowds of students dragging their feet through the front door.

The best days to go to class so far have been Fridays, because walking into Indian Hill wearing a Mariemont Cheerleading uniform evokes some of the weirdest expressions.

The real climax occurs when I walk by a group of IH cheerleaders, who happen to be our biggest rival at CHL competition. The showdown itself is tense, but I always see myself as winning because I feel like I know something they don’t.


Who wouldn’t want to start every day looking at this?

I always get to class a minute late and shuffle to my seat directly in front of Sue Savage’s desk. I think she frowns down at me like 97% of the time.

I’ve been staring at my screen for a while trying to think of how to describe Sue Savage, but I can’t seem to find the right words. All I know is she definitely hates me, which I’ve picked up on by her constant screaming at me for things ranging from the fact that I wear heeled-boots to accidentally contaminating the distilled water bin.

Class runs for only 48 minutes, which in actuality is only a 4 minute difference from our bells, but for the strangest reason it feels like a lifetime shorter.

Wednesdays are block days–meaning class is an hour and a half–and Thursdays I have no class at all so I get to sleep in (woohoo!).

I have to admit, those perks really sold the class to me. After a few weeks, though, I’ve come to understand the price.

And the price of an AP Chemistry class is high. The work is hard and unbelievably time consuming. Most importantly: it’s pretty much expected that if you’re in a college level class you can handle doing a lab without wearing those giant, yellow, and smelly rubber gloves, but when I’m pouring hydrochloric acid into a tiny container with bare hands, it FREAKS. ME. OUT.

So, I guess no morning at any school can be entirely perfect. HOWEVER, on those rare days when class ends early and I can sit in my car and eat a Bruegger’s bagel while listening to Space Odyssey, it makes it all seem worth it.



Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. I miss Haley and nothing else from that class :/


  2. Glad you’re happy with your choice to take AP Chem! Kuhn would be appalled by those safety standards


  3. This was really interesting and cleverly written! Fun fact: Sue Savage was actually my mom’s basketball coach in high school -Kayla



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