Good question. This is where complex social issues get tricky, and people start yelling.

Movements such as feminism and Black Lives Matter get so convoluted because they each focus around one specific part of the population and their individual rights. On the surface, most people would agree with the belief that women and African Americans deserve the same rights and opportunities as the rest of the population. So…what’s the problem?

The problem is they both apply to equality. In the United States, “everyone” is granted the right to equality, so when one group asks for more, the question becomes: does more equality for them take away from us? And: if they want equality, why is it a movement focused on them?

To look into this more, let’s look at “equalism” and feminism. Because feminist rants are my kind of thing.

First of all, “equalism” isn’t even a real word–and this isn’t just me–the platform I’m writing this on is actually telling me that the word is a spelling mistake.

The idea of “equalism” is supposed to mean something along the lines of acceptance of people no matter their race, gender, background, social or political standing, etc. That sounds really neat, doesn’t it?

But the world doesn’t work like that. As great as it would be to have a majority of the Earth’s population to believe in that, nothing is that cut-and-dry. Nothing.

“Equalism” isn’t a thing because people tend to change opinion from issue to issue. People need their voices to be heard about their current situations and not be muffled out by one overbearing term of “everything.”

Feminism is not “equalism” because it is the fight for and belief in women’s rights and equal opportunities.

Feminism is not man-hating.

Feminism is not female dominance.

Feminism is the effort of women around the globe to raise our gender to a level equal to that of our male counterparts, and maintain the fairness of equality in all areas of life (i.e. workplaces, government representation, school).

So, because feminism is advocating for female rights, does that mean they don’t believe in any human rights other than female?

Well, just because you believe in something, as juvenile as Santa or as serious as God, does that mean you don’t believe any other belief in the world is valid?

The answer should be no.

And for a society that has been run on male dominance for so long (240 years to be exact–and that’s just America), I don’t know why we’re so worried about it.

At this point, there should really be no excuse for not supporting feminism–and zero tolerance for those who publicly deface it with falsehoods and hate.

If you’re reading this sentence and you believe that women deserve equality, I hate to break it to you, but you’re a feminist.

For those who believe feminism isn’t necessary because sexism doesn’t exist anymore, click here.

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