April 7, 2016

Life in Seconds

This year my New Year’s Resolution was to capture a second-long video everyday to remember/watch later on. So far, I have been sort of successful.

The problem is, when I find myself in an interesting situation, I forget to record it. When I am doing something totally uninteresting like sitting watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” I remember–and my life looks like I’m living it from underneath my bedcovers.

My goal when filming my video everyday is to capture a moment that summarizes what the day consisted of. If I can’t think of anything, sometimes I will have my friends capture a video and send it to me.

Through watching my daily seconds I’ve noticed that I tend to do the same exact things with the same exact people. It can make for a boring life movie, but after thinking about it I decided that I’m doing what I enjoy most with the people I most enjoy doing it with–hence several frames of Ethan sitting in the same chair at Dilly Deli.

I’ll stop talking now so you can watch it and see what I mean.



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