November 19, 2015

CHL Week

This end of this week will (thankfully) check off one of the most stressful weeks of the year: CHL week.

For the lucky individuals who aren’t sure what CHL week is: it is the Sunday-Friday leading up to the annual CHL Cheerleading Competition held on Saturday morning. (how many times can I use the phrase “CHL”?)

This year is my first year competing in the varsity category instead of JV. This sounds good, but it’s actually not considering that means this will be the first year I don’t win first place.

The varsity category at CHL is extremely competitive, and it just doesn’t feel like we have a chance.

Usually Mariemont Varsity places a solid 5th out of 8…which is pretty good for us.

So why is this week so stressful?

Well, we have a lot more practice than normal (obvi), but at this point everyone starts to realize that we are knocking on CHL’s door. With this realization, people start freaking out and inevitably yelling, sassing, etc. IMG_2777

Efforts have been made to ease the awfulness of CHL practice, but there really could never be enough. All the cheerleaders feel a constant impending doom of the performance and how horribly wrong it could go.

For example, every single year (and I mean every year), at least one girl attempts to do a back-handspring and completely wipes out and falls on her face. It’s the saddest thing ever and extremely hard to watch. You DON’T want to be that girl.

The best thing we can do to prepare is to run the heck out of our routine, literally to the point of exhaustion.

Our routine runs about 2 minutes and 45 seconds. It includes a dance, a transition and then a full cheer, and then another dance. It all happens at once, and it is the most tiring thing I’ve ever done.

Every sport has its challenges, but what I find especially difficult about cheerleading is through these challenges, you have to maintain smile and grace.

This all sounds pretty awful, right? Don’t worry about it. Just come to Reading High School at 10 AM on Saturday to see the result of all of the stress, complaining, and tears. It will be great! (we whip in our routine in case you weren’t convinced).


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