Everyone did really awkward things in junior high. If you don’t agree, then you’re a big, fat liar and I have no place for you in my life.

So then we all agree–everyone is super awkward in junior high from their hair to their clothes to their not so socially acceptable grooming habits.

One of Ethan and I's first "couple pics" taken a few weeks after we started dating in 2012

One of Ethan and I’s first couple pics taken a few weeks after we started dating in 2012

Now imagine having someone around that has been tuned into even your most private awkward moments that you’ve tried to make sure no one else ever remembers–that’s pretty much what it’s like.

Sounds bad? It’s actually not.

Having the same boyfriend since junior high actually has a lot of perks.

For one, it gives you a lot of street cred since you’ve actually been able to stand someone through such a weird time in development. Because of this, no one ever really tries to mess with it. Having no external drama is a huge plus.

Ethan and my little brother j chillin

Ethan and Jack j chillin

Also, it’s nice to look back and know that we are nothing like we were when we were 13. But really–seeing the journey since then is pretty incredible and gives a lot of ammunition against the other person if you ever want to tease them about how they used to spend 12+ hours playing Minecraft (not me).

Another nice thing about dating someone for so long is how close you get to their family and vice versa. Jack (my younger brother) thinks that Ethan is some sort of God and looks up to him in every way possible, even more so since my older brother left for college. It’s cute, and perfect when I need someone to babysit him.

Freshman homecoming ask ft. Ethan's little brother and tomato red face

Freshman homecoming ask ft. Ethan’s little brother and tomato red face

Moving along, another great thing about having the same boyfriend since junior high is recognizing all the small accomplishments. When we were 13, we couldn’t do anything except walk to UDF. Getting licenses, first jobs, debit cards, etc. is like 10000000x more celebrated by us than it should be just because it’s another ring in the ladder of growing up and that’s super exciting.

Anything negative?

To be honest, not really. We both know everything there already is to know, so there’s no hiding how awkward we were/still are. I think that’s really good, though; we know and are still able to embrace it and laugh about it.




Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. How cute! I love Ethan! You’re fine, too! JH is sooo weird! Cool post!


  2. Can the 3 of us do dinner this weekend?



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