1. Don’t trust anyone

2. Never valet your car/ use the “Take me home” option on your GPS (so no one can see your address)

3. Complete extended background checks on anyone you hire to remodel your house/ work on your technology

4. Don’t help people carry things into their cars

5. If there is a murderer on the news that sounds like your friend, don’t make a joke about it to them- it probably is them

6. If your car breaks down, don’t get out of it

7. If anything in your house is in a different place than it was when you left, move.

8. If you are ever kidnapped, sympathize with the person who kidnapped you

9. If you are kidnapped by someone who wants you to pretend to be someone else so they can act out a fantasy, don’t do it they will probably kill you

10. If someone threatens to kill someone you love if you don’t get into a car with them, don’t do it, they are most likely lying and don’t even know anyone else close to you

11. If someone gives you the creeps, don’t be nice

12. If you ever hear screaming and see that someone has found a crime scene, run away and call the police- there is a good chance that person is actually the perpetrator

13. If a stranger knocks on your door late at night-even a child- don’t answer and call the non-emergency line

14. If you need to buy time with a psychopath, odds are they have mommy or daddy issues so mention either

15. Do not believe anyone who claims to be any kind of officer before seeing their ID

16. If you are in a store and there is clearly some weird you know what going on, leave your items and gtfo

17. If there are murders occurring specifically around or on your college campus, GO HOME

18. If you are in a weird situation like your car breaking down, don’t accept help from strangers who just HAPPEN to be sitting right there

19. If you get in a taxi that has no authentication/ the driver is acting very strangely-just get out and find another one (even if it’s raining)

20. Don’t ever leave a friend behind (especially if they are intoxicated)

Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. I enjoy this a lot


  2. That’s a lot of things to remember. I think I’ll lose to the bad guy


  3. Criminal Minds is the greatest. Tbh it’s taught me so much about noticing funky stuff going on.


  4. Oh my gosh this is hilarious haha!



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