It is pretty safe to say that the majority of you know the songs “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” and “Come a Little Closer.” Both are good songs, especially “Come a Little Closer,” but  they are nowhere near what the band Cage the Elephant has to offer.

This past August I went to see The Black Keys in Columbus as a birthday present. Cage the Elephant was opening for them which was also really exciting because I was a fan of their more popular songs; but I was still mainly there to see the keys.

To my surprise, Cage was significantly better than The Black Keys. First of all, they had enough energy to get everyone really pumped up and dancing to the songs of their’s that are all over the radio. However, when they started playing their less popular songs I was sold.

Their lead singer, Matt Scultz, had staged dived at least twice by the time they got to their song “Take it Leave it” which is a modern groovy-ish song from their new album Melophobia. Next came “Spiderhead” and “Shake me down.” Both were wildly impressive.

Matt Schultz about to stage dive for the third time.

Matt Schultz about to stage dive for the third time.

The final song was “Cigarette Daydreams” which in my opinion is their best song. Matt Schultz also preformed it shirtless in a spotlight which was A+.

While it was disappointing that The Black Keys weren’t as good as their openers, Cage the Elephant made the whole trip worth the time. I totally recommend giving them a listen beyond what is played on the radio.

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  1. Sounds pretty amazing! I’ve never really listened to them apart from the few songs I hear of theirs on the radio. But I’ll definitely check them out!

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  2. I have never listened to them but I may to take a listen


  3. Im not a hue fan of the keys but I’ll have to check out Cage the Elephant.


  4. I too enjoy a good Elephant song.



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