This past Friday I finally got my wisdom teeth removed after a lot of anxiety. The morning of, the power at the teeth-removing center actually went out and I had to sit around and wait for them to call me. It was terrible. I was also gulping down gallons of water to ensure that no nurse was going to miss when she gave me the IV- that kind of stuff makes me very queazy. When I got there I had no time to take a breath.

They were already running late from the power being out. I kept asking what would happen if the power went out again. Would I just die? The nurse tried to explain that they weren’t keeping me alive, but she was also standing right next to me with a big needle in her hand which was anything but comforting. She handed me one of those squishy things you use when you’re stressed which I thought was really cute until I realized it was because she was seconds away from sticking me with her IV.

Meanwhile another nurse was asking me questions at a rapid rate and I started to nod at everything. A more heavy-set nurse wandered in and I asked if I could hold her hand (lame). I squeezed it really tight and stared into her eyes- I think I complimented her glasses too.

The IV was in my arm and I was sitting there with tubes all over me. The doctor came in and started talking to me really fast and I wasn’t following any of it. Then he injected something into the tube connected to my arm and said “You are going to fall asleep in 15 seconds.” I remember saying that I felt like I was in a spy movie and then waking up in a different room.

I woke up starring at a painting of mountains on the wall in front of me and really violent hiccups. I felt like I couldn’t move but I must of because a nurse aggressively told me to hold still. I began to hear the monitor next to me and it really grossed me out that I could hear my own heartbeat. It didn’t last long because I was soon being wheeled out and into an elevator. There were other people in the elevator and I probably would of found the silence really awkward if I wasn’t so doped up.

The first thing I did when I got in the car was take the lovely selfie attached with this post. I actually told my mom through all the cotton in my mouth that I HAD to do it for journalism. I spent the rest of the ride home counting cars.

What came after that was a lot of ice cream and the TV show Reign. I actually think getting them out, as scary and painful as it is, was more of a blessing. I got to watch the ENTIRE AMA’s for the first time ever. I haven’t left my house since Friday (it’s Monday) but I am going to in a few hours. Wish me luck.

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