I would like to take a moment to give a personal shout-out to the me 5-7 months ago who was brought to tears by the idea of going off to college and leaving high school behind. Not sure what she was thinking, but I guess I can appreciate the sentimentality? Maybe? All of high school, […]

This Saturday I get to hang out with someone I haven’t seen in 4 years but has somehow remained one of my closest friends in high school. His name is Garrett Stephens. I don’t really remember exactly how we became friends, but it definitely happened in our 7th grade Language Arts class. I was intrigued […]

There are certain sounds you can expect within a high school–laughter, chatter, “Dirty Little Secret” by The All American Rejects. These are a given. What we really forget about, though, is the shrieking and distant screams we hear throughout the day. In fact, these sounds have become so normalized, even the most blood-curdling screech barely […]

Whether or not you agree with them, it’s hard to avoid coverage of the protests that have been taking over the nation since the election of Donald Trump. A common story circulating post-protest is usually the soft-hitting “best signs” (because as a media culture we can never live through an event without making it a […]

Policies, candidacy, emails,¬†and campaigns aside–you are a woman. A woman who dared (for the second time) to deviate from traditional gender roles in the most public of possible ways. I am a young female¬†that has spent my entire life in the United States. In fact, this election was the first time I was old enough […]

After 3 years of high school, you really get used to a morning routine: -wake up -scream internally -do hair for just long enough to have no time to eat breakfast -sit in traffic for 20 minutes and nearly die trying to get to my parking spot -sprint by Dr. Renner before he can comment […]

Good question. This is where complex social issues get tricky, and people start yelling. Movements such as feminism and Black Lives Matter get so convoluted because they each focus around one specific part of the population and their individual rights. On the surface, most people would agree with the belief that women and African Americans […]